Our mission

With Incasol, we offer people in Peru a real alternative to dangerous mine work or other low-skilled jobs. It also ensures that traditional craftsmanship is preserved. Without your appreciation, the know-how acquired over many years would disappear in the long term. Already, many seamstresses and sewers are being replaced by Asian industrial plants.

Buy instead of donate

Incasol is a social enterprise. Through your orders we enable our seamstresses and sewers in Peru to lead a self-determined life. With your help, these people receive the recognition and appreciation of their work that they deserve.

In our experience, buying is the best way to support people in developing countries. Unlike donations, the person can decide for themselves what is important to them. In combination with the appreciation received, this creates a motivation that would never come from donations.

Zuhause bei Efrain und seiner Familie in der Nähe des Titicacasees zur Herstellung von Alpakapullovern und weiteren Textilien
Production of alpaca sweaters in Peru Sweaters handmade from the finest alpaca wool

Sustainable consumption

In addition to social responsibility, we are committed to conscious & sustainable consumption. In contrast to cheap mass production from the Far East, we focus on exquisite materials and qualified people. Thereby we try to offer our products as cheap as possible, so that really everybody has an alternative. At the same time we try to avoid unnecessary packaging material as much as possible.

However, sustainable consumption also means doing without. If you don’t need a new piece of clothing, don’t buy one. If you do need one, buy it from us! ??

Further goals of Incasol

Soziales Projekt Alpaka Pullover Frau Mann Peru Incasol

11% of the profit to be used for social projects in Peru

Incasol setzt sich für Co2 neutralen Versand einAlpaka Pullover Frau Mann Peru Incasol

CO2 neutral shipping free of plastic materials